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Grinch Snap Bandana - last one XS
Grinch Snap Bandana - last one XS
Grinch Snap Bandana - last one XS
Grinch Snap Bandana - last one XS

Grinch Snap Bandana - last one XS

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Grinch Reversible snap bandana.

Glitter red reverse.

If you wish to add your pets name to the bandana, add the ‘add name’ product to your cart for an additional fee.

New Sizes: Please read our new sizing chart.

XS- Up to 30cm - 12cm drop

S- 30-40cm - 15cm drop 

M - 40- 50cm - 19cm drop

L -50-62cm - 21cm drop

XL- 60- 74cm - 23cm drop

Our Snap Bandanas come in 5 sizes from XS to XL

So they are ideal for pets of all shapes and sizes.

Each bandana has 4 snaps to adjust size to suit your pet.

To work out your pets size, you first need their neck circumference. 

(Which is the measurement right around their neck)

To measure this, either use a flexible measure tape around their neck or lay their current collar flat and measure that.

If measuring their collar, make sure you don't measure the double up of a side release buckle.

Make sure the neck circumference you use allows a little breathing room for your pet.

If your pet is still growing and your measurement is the max for a size, I recommend going up a size so it lasts your pet longer. 

Processing times will vary due to the number of orders we receive per week.

Normal time frames will be 7 days until dispatch.

Please measure your pets carefully, as our products cannot be exchanged if the wrong size is purchased.

Check out our return policy and care guide for more details.