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Size and Care Guide

Snap Bandana Sizing.

Our Snap Bandanas come in 5 sizes from XS to XL

So they are ideal for pets of all shapes and sizes.

Each bandana has 4 snaps to adjust size to suit your pet.

To work out your pets size, you first need their neck circumference. 

(Which is the measurement right around their neck)

To measure this, either use a flexible measure tape around their neck or lay their current collar flat and measure that.

If measuring their collar, make sure you don't measure the double up of a side release buckle.

Make sure the neck circumference you use allows a little breathing room for your pet.

If your pet is close or at the Maximum measurement for a size I recommend going up a size. A roomier fit looks better than a tight fit.

I have found that dogs with long hair and a bit of a mane, look better in slightly larger bandanas than their measurements suggest. Otherwise their bandana sits high under their fur and is hidden.

Please measure your pets carefully, as our products cannot be exchanged if the wrong size is purchased.

Check out our return policy for details.



Over Collar Bandana Size Guide:

Available on request. 

Over collar bandanas have a gap at the top to thread your collar through.

Over collar bandanas typically cover 1/2 - 3/4 of your collar length. This is up to your personal preference.

Also available in a Snap bandana - perfect if your pup doesn’t wear a collar or you are after the full coverage look.

Over collar Bandana Size Chart:


Width: 14.5cm
Drop: 11cm

Width: 21 cm
Drop: 14cm
Width: 26cm
Drop: 18cm
Width: 31cm
Drop: 21cm
Width: 38cm
Drop: 25cm


Care Guide For Bandanas:

Our Snap Bandana's and Over collar Bandanas are handmade and are not intended for rough/dirty play. 

Recommended Washing Instructions:

Cold handwash or gentle machine wash in a delicates bag

Do not tumble Dry

Ironing advise.

Our iron on phrases and names can not be directly ironed. They will melt and stick to your iron.

If your bandana requires an iron, please iron the reverse of the bandana or place a piece of cotton fabric or baking paper on top of the iron on before ironing.

Tips: If your iron on print starts to lift. Place the bandana on a flat surface with a sheet of baking paper on top of the iron on.

Press with Iron for 20 seconds on a cotton setting. This should reseal the iron on. Repeat if needed.

All our fabric is pre-washed to prevent shrinkage.


Bow tie Sizing:


Bow tie:

Small: 11cm width approx

Large: 15cm width approx

 - Attaches via elastic

Lollie-lou bow tie:


Width: 9cm 

height: 6cm

Attaches via Velcro 

Bow tie Care Guide:

Spot clean with cold water

Do not tumble Dry

Do not iron on elastic or Velcro 


Collar, Harness & Leash Sizing:

Our Walk wear sizes can vary between designs. Please see the individual product listings for size details.


Collar, Harness & Leash Care Guide:

Hand wash or spot clean

Dry flat

Do not tumble dry

Not recommend for swimming or extreme rough dirt play


Raglan Tee Sizing

The Neck and Girth measurements are a maximum. They would mean a fitted tee. Ideally you would want your measurements a bit smaller than the maximum.

Neck  32cm  Max

Girth 50cm Max

Length of back of tee: 29cm

Small Long:

Neck 32cm Max

Girth 50cm Max

Length of back of tee: 36cm


Neck 42cm Max

Girth 60cm Max

Length of back of tee: 36cm


Neck 56cm Max

Girth 75cm Max

Length of back of tee: 48cm 


Shaped higher on chest to help reduce accidents.

As products are all handmade please allow for variations such as minor sizing allowances and pattern/print placement.

*IMPORTANT: Our tees are handmade and not designed for extreme wear/play.  Please ensure your pet is supervised whilst wearing.


Raglan Tee Care Guide

Cold Hand wash or Gentle Machine wash.

Do not tumble dry. 

Can be ironed. 


Important Safety information!

Our accessories are for fashionistas model shoots, not every day wear.

Please always supervise your pets while wearing our products.

Lollie-Lou accepts no responsibility for any damage or harm our products cause through lack or supervision or incorrect use.